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we Repair piper cherokee fuel tanks

At Hartwig Fuel Cell Repair, we can repair your leaking Piper Cherokee fuel tank with modern materials and up to modern safety standards.

We disassemble and re-seal just like the tank was manufactured by Piper Aircraft.

492 rivets are removed, the tank is separated and dipped in a special solution to remove all of the sealant. The dip tank solution is worth $3500, and it is the only way to clean out all of the sealant properly.

The tank is not modified in any way, and there is no weight change. No sloshing is used. (Piper did use sloshing until 1968.) We use PRC-1422 sealant, the same used by all major airline manufacturers. 

Replacement filler necks are available if your tank filler is rusted or corroded.
We also repair minor dents.

After the tank is re-riveted, it is put in an oven for 12 hours to make sure all of the sealant is cured.

We then fill the tank with 100 octane fuel which has a fluorescent dye. After sitting overnight, we check with an ultraviolet lamp for any signs of weeping.
The tank is then steam cleaned and shipped to the customer.

For shipping, we have special cartons manufactured just for Cherokee tanks.

Please contact us for a quote or more information.